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                                 Jasper as a puppy

Jasper is our current sire.  He posseses the more muscular English build and blocky head.  He is a beautiful dog with a friendly and  gentle disposition.  Our goal for using Jasper as our sire dog is to produce balanced dogs that possess the agility and drive of our American female dogs with the more relaxed disposition of our part English male dog, Jasper.  

Our Females

chealsea and cheecka.jpg

Chika, Jetta, and Chelsea 


Miss Chika is a dark choclate with an extremely affectionate and lovable personality. She has a shorter more stocky build. 


Red Fern is a gentle, lovable fox red. she is the daughter of Ginger. She has a more stocky, English build. 



Chelsea is a daughter of Ginger and Boone. She has a lovable yet independent personality. She has a very athletic american build



Boone is a beautiful dark choclate that is owned by another breeder. He has an excellent temperament and a large blocky head. 


Miss Jetta Black of Winding Creek is a daughter of Jasper and Maggie. This cross resulted in an ideal mix of strength and angularity. Jetta is  a beautiful dog with a silky coat, and a very gentle temperament. See Jasper's and Maggie's pedigree for Jetta's ancestry. 


Misty was sired by Doctor Abe. She is a very active and friendly dog. Misty has a very gentle disposition. 


GINGER (retired)

MAGGIE (retired)

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