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Dayton Va 22821


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Purchase Agreement-Contract For Puppy


The following Puchase Agreement-Contract is between Winding Creek Labrador Retrievers (seller)

and ______________________________ (buyer).  This agreement is made and entered into this

____ day of___________ 20___.  The buyer agrees to purchase a _________________female

______________male from the ltter of _____________(dam) and ______________ (sire) whelped on _________(date) for the agreed puchase of $__________.


Registration Type: AKC


A deposit of $100.00 is required to place "hold" on puppy.  If the puppy is not available (due to health, wrong gender or color), 100% of the deposit will be refunded.  The buyer will choose their puppy in order that deposits were received.


We do not guarantee:

Winding Creek Labrador Retrievers does not guarantee the puppy's size, color temperament, or the ability to reproduce.  Seller does not guarantee against any issues other than heart murmur and hip dysplasia at the time of sale or thereafter.



Seller warrants that the above described puppy is in good health visually at the time the buyer assumes ownership. 

All veterinarian expenses after the sale will be the responsibility of the buyer.


Health Guarantee:

This guarantee is for a full refund of purchase price.


If diagnosis of a heart murmur should occur before the pup turns 1 year of age, the breeder must be contacted immediately to discuss the issues.  If the breeder is not contacted prior to treatment, this contract will be deemed null and void.  The buyer is financially responsible for any treatments, medications, and hospitalizations provided by the vet services for the pup.


Seller does not assume any liability for any injury, sickness, or damage  on the buyer's property once the pup is in the possession of the buyer.


All age appropriate vaccinations and de-worming medications have been administered to the pup being sold/purchased.


The buyer agrees to maintain the pup's health in good condition and provide suitable areas for this puppy to have adequate food, shelter, and exercise.


Hip Guarantee:

This hip guarantee is valid until the pup reaches the age of 26 months.  For this guarantee to be valid, the pup must not have been bred or have sired a litter.


It is understood that hip dysplasia can be caused by poor nutrition or injury and that the pup is guaranteed to the extent of genetic hip dyslasia only.


In the event of genetic hip dyspasia that warrants euthanization of the pet before the age of 26 months, the seller agrees to refund the purchase price.


We only guarantee against heart murmur and hip dysplasia.


Refund Information:

For a refund, the following terms must be met:

1.  Buyer notifies the seller promptly after such conditionis diagnosed.  If heart murmur, buyer must contact the breeder before the pup reaches the age of one year old.  If the pet is deemed to have hip dysplasia, the breeder must be contacted prior to the pup reaching the age of 26 months.


2. The hip dysplasia and/or heart murmur must be confirmed by a veterinarian.


By signing this Agreement-Contract, the buyer acknowledges and understands the contents and has entered into this contract freely.


Buyer Name:________________________________________________________


City, State, Zip:______________________________________________________

Phone Number______________________________________________________



Signature:________________________________ Date:_____________________


Seller Name:________________________________________________________




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